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Who we are

We at TaxVille are a suave group of budding professionals who for the love of Tax, have come up with a framework through which we can steadily contribute to the tax space in Nigeria.

Our Roots

TaxVille has evolved from a sole run initiative called Tax Series by Eniola to a content hub run by vibrant, intellectual and forward-minded youth. We at TaxVille want to take it upon ourselves to educate our peers primarily and the public in general about tax, holding on to the features of creativity and simplicity that Tax Series by Eniola was uniquely known for. We want to be the go-to online platform for youth who want to talk and think tax. We want to be responsible for shaping tax savvy individuals of the nearest future!


We aim to achieve tax enlightenment in a simplified, relatable and entertaining matter. We aim for all individuals to through our platform, always think Tax. We envisage the emergence of tax-conscious and savvy persons.


Creativity that keeps our audience as captivated as they are enlightened.

Passion which fuels our consistent content.

Dependability as the go-to platform for comprehensible information on a myriad of tax issues

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Driving Tax Compliance in Nigeria

Healthy relationships are all about give and take. Same applies to taxes!  Time and again we have all heard the tax anthem – “Pay your taxes and government will provide …


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Twitter and Taxes

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Tax Terms

Grossing Up Making a payment in full without any deductions or subtractions, even where these deductions/subtractions are required by law. What happens when there is a Gross Up? The answer …