Uber or Yellow Buses? O wa or there is?

Regardless of the kind of commuter you are, we welcome you to join us on this journey.

In furtherance of our commitment to enlighten the general public on tax and tax related matters, TaxVille presents to you a new project, a movement- the Tax in Motion (TiM)!

TiM seeks to provide a platform for anyone – students, tax enthusiasts, practitioners etc., to break down and explain chosen tax concepts, topics and principles in such a manner that the average fellow passenger in a commercial bus can understand, and would not need to ask further questions. Yes – the job must be that clean!

In case you were wondering, TiM relates to the video contributor’s ability to explain the particular tax concept simply,rather than the general body of knowledge of the contributor.

The duration of a TiM video is four minutes and you may record alone or with your friends. Once you indicate interest in making a TiM video by filling the TiM form – in which you would submit your chosen topic(s) and your valid contact details, we would get in touch with you!

When your chosen topic is approved, you would submit a draft in writing of the exact (or almost exact) words you would use in your TiM video. This is your video script. Your video script is required so that we can regulate your proposed content, make amendments or suggestions (if necessary) and so that the words in your script would be used as subtitles in your video.

Once we approve your video script, you would then proceed to make your video giving regard to TiM Video Guidelines that we would share with you. Your TiM video would be published on the TaxVille website and on Youtube and it would also be promoted on social media!

We hope that through TiM, you can work with us to promote an even greater appreciation of the Nigerian tax system.

Welcome to the TiM movement. Join in and enjoy the ride!!

Your loyal conductors.

The TaxVille.

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