Our team consists of lawyers, accountants, tech professionals, students from the Nigerian law school and from diverse universities, all united for the love of tax. We operate through the Taxogram which is the TaxVille Organogram outlining our team structure so that everyone can see where they fit in our big picture!
TaxVille generally aims to provide information about tax in an illustrative and attractive manner and we will specifically do so through the following:

Tax Trends

TaxVille will be keeping up with important tax happenings in Nigeria. We will timeously publish our observations from such happenings, all in simplistic form.

Tax Trump

We are open to receiving articles of editorial standard on all areas of tax, for publication on our platforms. The author of the best received monthly article by us would be our Tax Trump for the month!

Tax Videos by Eniola

Eniola (Enny Money), will be releasing weekly videos addressing real-life tax situations that would make understanding tax more effortless.

My Tax Stories

We will conduct interviews with enthusiasts, tax practitioners and our board of support about their love for tax, inspirations and aspirations. We trust that the stories will bring some measure of endearment to the interviewed, that lessons will be gleaned from their experiences and that more clarity will be received by those interested in the Tax way.

Imagine That

Instead of reactive ‘Did you knows’, we will be proactively engaging the public, setting out ‘Imagine that’s’, making futuristic projections of happenings in the tax space to enjoin reflection over the implications.

TaxVille Branded Articles

We encourage expression of tax thoughts on a grassroot level, thus we welcome articles possessing our simplistic and catchy style, replete with metaphors and relatable illustrations. We will publish all such articles on our platforms.

Tax Mania

We aim to stimulate learning of tax on chosen subject matters in an amusing manner through scrambled words, word searches, among other things.